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    We know what
    we do.
    We are the competent and experienced partner and cover
    all areas of technical planning for the interior construction
    of yachts, buildings, trade fair and shop constructions.
    Interior construction
    of yachts

    We plan the exclusive interior fitting of yachts – especially of sailing and motor yachts with a length of 60 to 180 meters. Our partners and clients are well-known national and international interior designers, shipyards and designers. We design and plan in all phases: design approval planning in 2D and 3D, integration planning, work preparation drawings, work planning and definition of the surfaces and support materials. We consider all technical requirements and fire protection requirements. Our specialty is the high-quality areas of the yacht such as owner’s area, wheelhouse, stairwells, spa area, bathrooms, salons, dining room as well as VIP and guest cabins. We act as a link between designers, shipyards and interior designers and coordinate the individual trades.

    • Renderings and drawings by the respective designer serve as the basis for interior planning.
    • The material specifications and ideas of the designer are compared with the corresponding carrier materials, body thicknesses or, if necessary, with alternative options.
    • Shaping is checked for feasibility with regard to manufacturing processes and material requirements and adjusted if necessary.
    • From the design ideas, constructively implementable release drawings are created for the interior decorator.
    • At the beginning of the project, there is a general detailed elaboration across departments and interior fitters.
    • This detailed elaboration serves to determine the general type of implementation of the interior (across rooms) and includes definitions for joint widths, door constructions, ceiling constructions, switch heights and much more.
    • Based on the detailed elaboration adopted, the design ideas are now transferred to the individual rooms of the ship.
    • In personal or virtual meetings, the rooms and the room-specific details are continuously compared, discussed and approved with the interior decorator and designer.
    • The detailed elaboration and room drawing takes place in 2D or 3D depending on the specification.


    • The design ideas are planned by us taking into account the steel structure and the ventilation system of the ship with the best possible use of the space in the specified net space.
    • All technical specifications and requirements for fire protection and safety are taken into account .
    • Individually assembled teams of specialists under the direction of an experienced project manager (contact person for customers, shipyard and designer) develop detailed approval drawings in coordination with all those involved (shipyard, designer, interior designers, ventilation engineer, electrical engineers).
    • The project manager is a permanent contact for customers, shipyard and designers, monitors adherence to schedules and ensures smooth implementation and cost-efficient process for the customer.
    • Cross-trade coordination and integration of components in the room drawings.
    • Central coordination through ongoing consultation and coordination with all parties in personal or virtual meetings.
    • Cost effective implementation planning of the design taking into account material and manufacturing processes in the interest of the respective customer.


    • After approval of the plans, work preparation takes place.
    • There are single part drawings for further processing of third-party trades by e. g. Steinbauer, Glaser and Metallbauer created.
    • The purchased parts of other trades are defined.
    • Planning of the CNC contours in coordination with the manufacturing workshop and adaptation to their production method and layer structure.
    • Bills of materials are generated from the 3D data created.
    • Creation of the final assembly plans.

    Interior construction of buildings

    We plan the exclusive interior of building constructions, such as private villas, hotels, boardrooms, opera houses and concert halls and institutional buildings for administration and government. Here we cover all relevant phases from the measurement to the cross-trade coordination, taking into account the special requirements for fire protection and acoustics. The result is well-thought-out planning for, for example, partition systems, windows, doors, staircases, counters, individual furniture, built-in furniture, lighting and art installations.
    Interior construction of trade fair and shop constructions

    We plan the interiors of trade fair and shop constructions of all sizes across all industries. We adapt our plans to the construction system of the respective interior and trade fair constructor, thereby ensuring an efficient and smooth workflow. The result is well thought-out planning for, for example, wall systems, floor systems and showrooms as part of product presentations and events.